Washington, D.C.

Between the magnificent monuments, memorials, and government buildings, cataloged with the vibrant artifacts in the Smithsonian museums, growing among the blossoming cherry trees, and floating across the Potomac toward Arlington, you’ll see a million reasons why the nation’s capital city really is an extraordinary tour destination. The center of so much that makes America beautiful is waiting to welcome your group and hear your music. Perform at the National Cherry Blossom Parade or at the Lincoln Memorial, and you’ll soon find it’s not all politics in Washington, D.C.

Smithsonian Museums:  The Smithsonian Institute offers 18 museums, galleries, and the national zoo, right in the capital city. Check out national treasures from dinosaur bones to the actual anthem-inspiring Star-Spangled Banner. Imagine clicking your heels in Dorothy’s ruby slippers or taking off in the Wright brothers’ original flyer. And do it all for free, any day of the year (except Christmas).

Monuments and Memorials:  Countless icons and cultural gems dot the city of Washington, D.C. – the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the wall of names at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and so many more. Take in these wonders as you’ve never seen them before, with a night tour for an added sense of magic that’s sure to inspire even the most cynical traveler in your group.

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