New York City

Whatever we say about it here, the Big Apple could say it more clearly, faster, and with more attitude all by itself. New York doesn’t shy away from its title, the greatest city in the world. That’s why we heart NY, and we’re sure you will, too. NYC inspires our favorite writers to be more insightful, our favorite musicians to be more innovative, and our favorite artists to be more creative. Learn from the best in a Broadway Classroom workshop or play with the pros in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. From Broadway and the Met to the coffee shop on the corner, from The Statue of Liberty to a street vendor hotdog with extra mustard, a New York City trip offers something remarkable everywhere you turn. Listen, see, shop, and let yourself fall head-over-heels in heart with NY.

Broadway Shows:  Let your ensemble dream a little bigger. Magic happens eight nights a week in New York’s 40 Broadway theaters. Whether you choose something timeless or experimental, a rising star or a theater legend, a Broadway show will be a highlight of your New York tour.

Statue of Liberty:  A visit to Liberty Island is a treat on the ground and a thrill from inside Lady Liberty’s crown. Brush up on your U.S. history, cruise the harbor by ferryboat, and view the city from a national icon’s point of view.

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