You’ll find plenty to love about the Mile-High City. With outdoorsy spirit and mountains of culture, a tour satisfies your tastes for both adventure and high-quality musical opportunities. Denver brings you the Colorado Rockies, Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater, and the Rocky Mountains, and if that’s not enough, why not tack on a day trip to Colorado Springs? Pikes Peak will tippy-top off your trip to the Wild West.

Rocky Mountain National Park:  Whether it’s an adventure in the elements or a scenic drive on either side of the Continental Divide, this Colorado gem offers unreal variety. Rocky Mountain National Park boasts mountain lakes, lush forests, tundra, wildflowers, the headwaters of the Colorado River, and 72 peaks over 12,000 feet in the air. Naturally.

Excursion to Colorado Springs:  Just 70 beautiful miles south of Denver lies Colorado Springs, a destination unto itself. Wander the vibrant red rock formations in the Garden of the Gods, visit the prestigious U.S. Air Force Academy, and look up past the timberline to majestic Pikes Peak. Stretch first, though – at 14,115 feet, an untrained gawker could strain his neck.

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