Costa Rica

Costa Rica isn’t just a getaway for two anymore! Consider a tropical tour for your ensemble, adding music to the mix of warm weather, untamed rainforests, and lively culture. Meld your performance with the sounds of the jungle in a place where music sits at the head of the cultural table. Performing for warm, appreciative audiences is only the beginning. Ensembles delight in the thrill of this tropical location and grow through the opportunity to give back through instrument donations. A country vivacious, Costa Rica glows and hums with the life of the rainforest, boasting more species per square inch than anywhere else on Earth! Let Costa Rica enliven you and your music.

Arenal Volcano:  Costa Rica’s Arenal Volcano is alive and well, but you probably won’t have to run from any hot lava on your visit. Instead, enjoy the national park surrounding the volcano aboard a whitewater raft or on horseback. Splash on the shores of Lake Arenal, or hike through lush green forests and lava fields. But look up from time to time – you just never know…

Skytrek Zip Lining:  Which animal sounds like a howler monkey and can fly almost two miles between trees over the Costa Rican forest canopy? You. Happy adrenaline rush, wild thing!

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