Caribbean Cruises

What’s better than the Bahamas or Grand Cayman or a boat ride around the Caribbean? All of them in one trip! Most of our Caribbean cruise tours start in Florida and wind their way through crystalline blue water to the Bahamas, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, or another pristine getaway location. Let your group’s music float on some of the world’s most beautiful breezes as you sail on perfect seas. Bon voyage!

The Bahamas:  Chase the adventure in Lucayan National Park’s ancient caves and mangrove forests, or let the sun come to you in charming markets along 18th-century streets or on pink sand beaches. Let the steel drums be your soundtrack and the tides be your guide.

Cozumel:  It’s a jungle out there! And also the world’s second-largest coral reef under there…and over there, you’ll find some Mayan ruins and a white sand beach. There is much more to Cozumel than the turquoise waters and the jungle. Make like the dolphins and iridescent fish – dive in!

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