You’re probably wondering, Why would anyone ever want to travel to Hawaii?, but listen, Hawaii really does have a few things to offer (e.g.: perfect climate, outdoor activities, Pearl Harbor memorials, volcanoes, and fabulous performance opportunities, including the Waikiki Holiday Parade). Dive into South Pacific cultures at the Polynesian Cultural Center and unwind on famed Waikiki Beach. Beyond the perks of a run-of-the-mill tropical vacation, Hawaii offers as many educational opportunities as beachy activities, and there’s plenty to learn for students and directors alike. Because Gateway brings thousands of travelers to Hawaii each year, we have established relationships with local vendors, schools, and performance venues. We confidently promise you the best value in the tour industry, so break out the ukulele and limber up those hips for the luau!

Honolulu:  Hawaii’s capital city is a center of culture and commerce in the Pacific.  Situated near Pearl Harbor and encompassing Waikiki Beach, Iolani Palace, and plenty of shopping and dining, there isn’t much missing in this laidback city. Except your lei. Did you leave your lei on the beach again?

Polynesian Cultural Center:  With demonstrations and performances that invite you to participate in six South Pacific island cultures, Oahu’s Polynesian Cultural Center will remind you that Hawaii is much more than a simple beach vacation.  Learn about history and customs, and luau like it’s 1999.

Ongoing Events

Gateway can offer your ensemble various music festivals throughout the spring.  Contact us to see what festivals could work with your travel dates.

Upcoming Events

    • Waikiki Holiday Parade

      Honolulu, Hawaii | November 25, 2022

      Marching Bands from the mainland and local schools always bring extraordinary energy to Waikiki! The Waikiki Holiday Parade is FUN, but foremost we honor Pearl Harbor Survivors, service bands, military troops, and veterans by commemorating the attack on Pearl Harbor.