Exotic combinations of cultures and centuries of unique history make Spain a can’t-miss tour destination.  Everywhere you turn, there is a new flavor to the language, art, or food, each more enticing than the last.  Whether you’re exploring the Moorish artifacts in Andalusia, taking in the natural beauty of Spain’s mountain regions, or lounging on the beaches of the Atlantic or Mediterranean coasts, you’re sure to feel the pulse of a country alive.  Find inspiration where it touched such world-class artists as Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, and Antoni Gaudi, but reserve a little energy.  Spaniards keep late hours, and you wouldn’t want to be tired for the Cabalgata de Reyes Parade, where your ensemble could lend some unforgettable music.  No, señor, you’d better take a siesta and power up with some paella, so you can give it your all.

Excursion to Segovia:  In the hills of Castilla-Leon, just a lovely day trip from Madrid, sits a village of historic beauty and entrancing lore.  Inside Segovia’s Disney-inspiring castle, see where Christopher Columbus met with Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand before his 1492 ocean blue sailing trip.  If that’s not historic enough, check out the towering, 2,000-year-old Roman aqueduct that still brings visual interest and fresh water to the center of Segovia.

Prado Museum:  In the heart of Madrid, on the famous Paseo del Arte, is the Prado Museum, boasting the world’s largest collection of Spanish painting, plus revered art from around the world.  You’ll see El Greco, Bosch, Rembrandt, and Rafael, not to mention a room dedicated only to Goya’s Black Paintings.  You won’t see everything, but everything there is truly something to see.

Upcoming Events

    • Cabalgata de Reyes Magos

      (Three Kings Parade)

      Madrid, Spain | January 5, 2023

      This evening parade caps off the Christmas season with a celebration you have to see to believe.  Every year on the eve of Epiphany, approximately two million spectators line the two-mile parade route through central Madrid from Nuevos Ministerios to City Hall at Plaza de la Cibeles.