Tiptoe through the world-famous tulips, grab a slice of Dutch apple pie, and get ready to go clomping in your clogs.  There is a whole world to see in the Netherlands, and it’s only the size of Maryland!  A bicycle paradise riven with historic windmills and canals, the Netherlands is also on the cutting edge of modernity.  Rotterdam, for example, is bursting with modern architecture, and The Hague is at the pinnacle of international diplomacy.  Get the best of both worlds on tour, enjoying modern amenities while viewing the works and inspiration of world-class Dutch painters like Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Bosch, just to name a few.  Even if you’re not as tall as the natives, you’ll be able to see for yourself: If you’re not Dutch, you’re not much.

Amsterdam Canal Cruise:  Take advantage of a distinct feature of Dutch design.  On a cruise along Amsterdam’s iconic canals, you’ll see 17th-century churches and the quintessentially Dutch narrow houses.  Many boats are covered, so no matter the weather, you can enjoy this most-unique way to see a most-unique city.

Anne Frank House:  Don’t miss one of Amsterdam’s most important landmarks, the house that served as a secret annex for diarist Anne Frank and her family during WWII.  See her original writings on display in the space where she wrote them, and gain a fuller understanding of the extraordinary young woman whose life has touched so many readers.

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