With a myriad of cultures, stunning architectural beauty, a superb year-round climate, and an array of activities, Malta may be a natural choice for travelers looking to get a break from the familiar. This tiny archipelago sits at the center of the Mediterranean with its sister islands of Gozo and Comino. Each having their own charm and character, it leaves you with a multitude of options of venue and entertainment during your stay. English speaking, yet with a distinct southern exuberance, the islands are a rare blend of relaxed living and cosmopolitan bustle.

Prehistoric temples rub shoulders with baroque palaces and magnificent fortifications to provide a spectacular backdrop. Attend a jeep safari in Gozo, visit the World Heritage Sight of Valletta, or visit the Blue Grotto, a familiar scene in the 2004 movie Troy! Anything is possible during a stay in Malta.

Valletta: Valletta, Malta’s capital, is nothing short of an open-air museum. It is a living experience of Baroque architecture and dotted with quaint cafes and tourists. The walled city was established in the 1500s and is known for its marvelous museums, extravagant palaces, and grand churches.

Mdina: Commanding a magnificent view of the island, Mdina is the old capital of Malta. The walled town is known as the “Silent City” due to its narrow and quiet streets. Said to be more than 4000 years old, this timeless city is filled with impressive palaces and is home to Malta’s noble families.