Here’s a little something to keep your Irish eyes smiling! Our Ireland tours are consistently less expensive than the rest of Europe because air taxes to Ireland are lower, and the Emerald Isle is the closest European destination to the U.S. These factors amount to a tour that lacks none of the thrills of the rest of Europe but foregoes the sticker shock. Once you’re there, you’ll wonder why more people aren’t in on the secret. Dive in to a culture that can’t wait to welcome you, and take in some of the greenest and most beautiful sights the world can offer. While you’re at it, perform in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin or the Limerick International Band Parade and Competition, or sing in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Between the incredible performance opportunities and the colorful folk music tradition, Ireland will build musical memories your ensemble will hold dear for years to come.

Blarney Castle:  Beware this site’s effects on chatty ensemble members! Climb to the ramparts of Blarney Castle, kiss the famous Blarney Stone, and enjoy the gift of eloquence. Spend a day exploring the site of this distinctly Irish tradition, and don’t miss your chance to bring some Blarney home with you from the shop at Blarney Woolen Mills. We’re not sure if the stone really works, but when in Ireland…

Cliffs of Moher:  For a natural wonder, visit the wild and iconic Cliffs of Moher on Ireland’s rugged western coast, where six miles of craggy cliffs plunge into the Atlantic from fantastic heights. On a cloudy day, the cliffs offer mystery and brooding wonder; on a sunny day, they clamor with majestic sea sounds and brilliant light. Don’t miss this powerful showcase of Ireland’s natural beauty.

Upcoming Events

    • Dublin St. Patrick’s Day Parade

      Dublin, Ireland | March 17, 2023

      Nothing compares to celebrating this quintessential Irish holiday in Ireland. Imagine marching through the center of Dublin, performing for the hundreds of thousands of joyous people along the parade route!

    • Limerick International Band Championship

      Limerick, Ireland | March 20, 2022

      Hundreds of musicians take part in Ireland’s only international band competition that features a world class judging panel and attracts thousands of spectators to the streets of the Treaty City as part of the Limerick St. Patrick’s Festival. This is a great event to pair with the Dublin St. Patrick’s Day Parade.