Although glaciers cover 10% of the country, the other 90% of Iceland offers plenty of warmth.  Blue geothermal pools, active volcanoes, and some of the world’s friendliest folks are warm enough to keep Iceland cooking.  Between the extremes, a whole lot of the Land of Fire and Ice is just plain cool.  Iceland’s natural wonders include black sand, green valleys, geysers, and fjords, all of which invite you to explore. Iceland’s culture is as rich as its landscape.  Before Bjork, there were Viking heroes whose legacy can be found in thrilling sagas, an entrancing language, and a naming system that makes all of Iceland seem like one big happy family.  Spend your whole tour in Iceland, or stop over for some quick exploration on your way to the continent.  But don’t be surprised if your ensemble begs to stop on the way home, too.  They’re sure to love the magnetic North.

Reykjavik:  Don’t miss Reykjavik, Iceland’s hip capital city and happy home to most of its population. Europe’s northernmost capital is a modern urban delight, rooted in the sagas and rich heritage that make Iceland sing. And speaking of singing, enjoy Iceland’s one-of-a-kind musical tradition and join in the fun at such iconic venues as Halgrímskirkja, a beautiful church well-known for its music.

Blue Lagoon:  In a lava field just outside Reykjavik, get the sensation that you’re floating on another planet. Fed by waters from 2,000 meters below the earth’s surface, Blue Lagoon is always the right temperature (just over 100 degrees), even deep in winter. Mineral-rich, geothermal seawaters look blue in the sunlight but are actually milky white. Take a rejuvenating dip, and don’t forget to exfoliate in the skin-soothing mud!

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