Whether you’re interested in the old, the new, or the great outdoors, the glorious or gruesome, the mysterious or musical, Germany’s storied past and welcoming present are sure to pique your interest. With gorgeous natural features such as the Rhine, the Alps, and Black Forest, Deutschland invites you to explore. Travel back in time at historical landmarks like Cologne Cathedral, Wartburg Castle, and Reformation landmarks, including Wittenberg’s Castle Church, where Martin Luther started it all.  Hop back to the recent past for points of interest in the modern world, including stirring WWII memorial sites and the Berlin Wall Trail. And don’t forget to take advantage of Germany’s rich musical heritage.  Home to such heavy compositional hitters as Beethoven, Brahms, Bach, and Wagner, Germany welcomes you to add a performance to its impressive lineage and see if a little magic comes home with you.

Neuschwanstein Castle:  Built for “the Fairy Tale King” Ludwig II, Neuschwanstein Castle inspired even the folks at Disneyland, who designed Sleeping Beauty’s castle after this hilltop icon of the Bavarian Alps.  Ludwig II dedicated the castle to Richard Wagner, whose operas inspired the lavish paintings throughout the majestic structure.  Music history meets Disney in the mountains, and you shouldn’t miss it!

Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site:  Follow the path of the prisoners through Dachau on a tour of this carefully curated Holocaust memorial site. Learn through haunting firsthand accounts and photographs what took place at this camp, and how it fit into the larger context of the war. Dachau is a powerful site to behold and an important piece of history your ensemble will not soon forget.

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