Head quickly to the homeland of composer John Sibelius, and let the lovely north warm your heart.  Don’t miss your chance to divert from the beaten path to the land of the Midnight Sun and the Artic Night.  It’s not Russia, and it’s not Sweden, but their combined influences add something special to this northern wonderland.  Search Lapland for Santa Claus, or at least catch the Northern Lights.  Head south to adventure in Lakeland, named for the 200,000 lakes that cover 10% of Finland, and then take a break in Helsinki, the capital city on the Baltic Sea.  Warm your tootsies in one of the world-famous saunas, tour Porvoo, a historic wooden town, or sell your own baked goods on Restaurant Day, a national holiday where anyone can open a restaurant, anywhere they’d like.  If these attractions are news to you, there’s no good reason not to learn more.  Finland awaits!  What the Helsinki are you waiting for?

Market Square:  Visit Kauppatori, the Market Square, on the harbor, right in the heart of the old town.  Get a real taste for life in Helsinki, or at least a taste for fresh fish, right off the boat.  Don’t forget to bring home a handmade craft for Mom to Finnish off your trip!

The Great Outdoors:  Take advantage of the frozen Baltic Sea – go for an icy hike only possible in the depths of winter, or take the plunge in a swimming hole carved from the ice.  In the summer, there are miles and miles of hiking terrain populated only by reindeer, and 200,000 lakes beckoning you.  You don’t know adventure until you’ve explored the wilderness of Finland.

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