Czech Republic

Once upon a time, on a music tour through a beautiful land of dramatic castles, deep forests, and medieval villages… Give yourself one day in the Czech Republic, and you’ll be fairy tale-ing yourself, too.  Visit the modern nation built on the ancient lands of Bohemia and Moravia to get a taste of the beauty that inspired Franz Kafka, Gustav Mahler, and Antonín Dvořák.  Folklore and music float down the Vltava River to the Golden City of Prague, and outward to mountains, countryside, and mysterious locales like the Sedlec Ossuary, where the monastery is decorated with human bones.  Get the whole story for yourself.  You might be Prague-sick just as soon as you leave, though, so we can’t guarantee happily ever after.

Prague Castle:  What’s a trip to a fairy tale city without a stop at the world’s largest castle?  Visit famed St. Vitus Cathedral, plus courtyards and museums galore, all on the grounds of Prague Castle, seat of Czech kings, emperors, and presidents for over a millennium.  No one will judge you if you twirl around like a Disney character, you know, just to see.

Vltava River Cruise:  The Vlatava River sweeps through Prague so beautifully it inspired Bedřich Smetana’s composition “Vltava.”  You might be just as inspired on a boat ride around the Golden City, where the Czech Republic’s longest river takes you past St. Agnes Monastery, the Charles Bridge, and the beautiful Prague Castle.  Float by after sunset for even more magic, as the “city of spires” illuminates the night.

Upcoming Events

    • Prague Christmas Parade

      Prague, Czech Republic | November 24, 2022

      A unique performance opportunity in the Czech Republic taking place over Thanksgiving week, annually.  The Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and the Baltics continue to be strong touring destinations with top value!