South Korea

In addition to a welcome reception for your music, in a South Korea tour, you’ll also find a fascinating country with enormous cities and rural charm.  South Korea’s beautiful history, which includes almost 2,000 years of unbroken royal lineage, is woven into even its most modern, exciting cities.  Among the lights and 24-hour shopping, you’ll stumble upon palaces from the 14th century and Buddhist temples suggesting the Confucian traditions of the area.  The more rural sections of the country are, unlike much of the rest of East Asia, relatively untouched by tourists’ feet.  Not only is South Korea full of exceptionally warm people and beautiful history, but it’s also a secret choral music wonderland, and Seoul has even been the host city for the World Symposium on Choral Music.

Seoul:  All of South Korea is just a day trip away from the wildly modernized capital with an undeniable buzz.  Street vendors offer Seoul food like you’ve never tasted, and world-renowned performing arts centers share a hometown with the Joseon Dynasty’s five Grand Palaces.  But if the urban flurry is too much for you, never fear!  Seoul’s public transit can whisk you to the mountains for a hike in the fresh air.

Gyeongju:  Between UNESCO-recognized temple Bulguksa and the kings’ tombs spread throughout the city, Gyeongju is a modern town in touch with its roots.  The seat of the Silla Kingdom, the ruling power for almost 1,000 years, the city offers more historic sightseeing than any other in South Korea.  It even imposes rules of traditional architecture, so that nothing lacks historic charm.

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